Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An Open Letter To The American Government:

Dear Mr. President, Representatives and Senators,

I am citizen of the greatest country the world has ever known. I have known freedoms most civilizations throughout history can only dream of. I been afforded opportunities that the rest of the world covets and often gives life savings, security, and even life for a chance to share. I am guaranteed life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I can assemble whenever and with whomever i choose. I can worship the God that gave me life on Earth and after I leave this Earth.This is the God that grants the freedoms that the Constitution also promises me. I can speak freely, without fear of retribution from those I speak against. I can carry a gun to protect myself and my family. I can make my own choices in life. I have always been able to make decisions for myself, and now my children, that my husband and I feel are in our best interest without interference from the government. There is a military force with an honor, strength, and might the likes of which the world has never known that protects my family from anyone who would infringe on these freedoms or our way of life. These soldiers, marines, airmen, and sailors leave their own families and often give their very lives to preserve mine. I am blessed. I am free. I am an American.

The American public asked you to serve our country. You have been given a responsibility that few would envy. You were chosen to uphold ideals that were put into place over 200 years ago. The life that the Founders sought caused people to leave their home country in search of freedom. These men became traitors to their country and king. Can you even imagine the courage and commitment to their convictions that must have taken? To look the King of England in the face and tell him, “You do not own us. We are no longer yours. We are our own nation.” Many of them died for this idea. They willingly gave their lives in hopes that one day, the people of their new nation would know liberty. This is what you have been charged with preserving.

I feel abandoned. I feel as though your careers are more important that my freedom. Every decision you make should be weighed against its effect on ME, and the rest of the American people. I don’t care how it affects your career or if you lose an election because of how you vote on an issue before you. The seat you hold is not yours. It belongs to America. You were asked to represent us. In case you have forgotten what that means, let me explain. Webster defines “represent” as:

(1)to take the place of in some respect (2) : to act in the place of or for usually by legal right (3) : to manage the legal and business affairs of ,b : to serve especially in a legislative body by delegated authority usually resulting from election

In case this is confusing, it means that I send you to Washington, after having told you how to vote on a particular issue, and you vote that way. You represent me. You speak (vote) for me because I am not there. I can see how that might be hard to understand. Let me illustrate: Company A has a meeting with Company B. Company A sends a representative to the meeting, with specific instructions on the position of the company. The representative for Company A goes to this meeting and relays this information to Company B. He does not think to himself, “What is in MY best interest? What could I do to insure MY job, even if it is to the eventual detriment of the company who sent me? I know my boss said I should say this, but I don’t really agree with that. Yes, he pays my salary and I am employed at his pleasure, but I really think I know better what he needs.”

Is this becoming clearer?

I want my children and their children to love America, but you are all stealing it. You are putting into place forces that will make America as we know it a vague memory. One day, Americans will wake up and wonder what happened to their freedom. They will envy their ancestors for the liberty and way of life they wish they could have. How foolish we will all look then, for having done so little to preserve the country we profess to love.

For too long, we as Americans have trusted you to do the right thing. We have stood idly by, watching as our freedoms are slowly taken from us. We have cast our votes in elections, and if “our guy” didn’t win, well, there’s always next time. We have not taken your responsibility seriously. So it is understandable that you haven’t either. Those days are behind us. We have reawakened to the idea that you have a responsibility to REPRESENT us, not make decisions FOR us. As your employer, I am giving you a directive. Represent me, or your services will no longer be needed. Consider yourself on probation. I am watching, and if you don’t perform the duties that you were hired to perform, I will find someone who will. The D or R after your name is of no consequence. It should not matter what your position on an issue is. It should only matter what your constituents’ position is. Again, that pesky issue of “represent” comes to mind. You weren’t sent to relay your own ideas.

Please hear us before it is too late. You swore an oath to uphold the Constitution. Sometimes I wonder if you’ve even read it. If you haven’t, sit down now and do it. I will not beg or plead with any of you. I will simply say this: represent us, or go home. The choice is yours. The vote is ours.