Monday, February 22, 2010

Homeschool Bound

So, We've made the decision to homeschool Eli next year. Id' really like to homeschool Ella too but, baby steps....maybe the next year.

I'm a planner by nature. (Notice I did not say organizer....just look at my house for evidence.) I'm making lists, which I love and am obsessed with doing, writing lesson plans, buying books, researching curriculum, and generally working myself into a frenzy of homeschool excitement. Finally, I will get to use all those nifty theories I learned in graduate school. Those are, however, the very theories that are not working on my very unique little Eli at school. So back to the drawing board there.

I've decided not to buy a full curriculum. I'm designing my own. I'm using standard 3rd grade textbooks but we'll do so much more than that. Eli is excited about it and Ella is mad that she still has to go to school. But I have to get this going smoothly before I add her charming personality to the mix.

My first project is to decorate the classroom. Fortunately we have an extra bedroom to convert into our classroom. I have visions of bright colors and neat work spaces. I want to make a reading corner with beanbag chairs and big pillows. Eli loves to read and I want to encourage that. I'm sure I'll spend too much money buying things to make it feel and look like the classroom of all teachers' dreams. This will be the room I wanted when I was getting my Master of Education and actually thought I would be a teacher. Except instead of a class full of eager minds and smiling faces that I now realize would never have greeted me in a school, I'll have one reluctant learner with a smile/scowl that hopefully will learn alot.

Eli is already taking an active part in the planning. He is more interested in fieldtrips than textbooks. His first fieldtrip choices are Shiloh, the state capitol building and Pinson Mounds.
I have the feeling we'll both learn alot next year and I'm ready for the ride.

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